A couple of months ago, I posted about Jon Gordon’s One Word That Will Change Your Life. You can read that post here. The end of the year is rapidly approaching, which means I need to find my new word for 2018. Instead of creating New Year’s Resolutions that are nearly impossible to attain, I am going to select one word.

In 2017, I struggled to find my word. I didn’t want to pick just one. However, it is important to select only one so you can focus on what it means to you. If you are struggling like I was, here is a simple process I found on http://myoneword.org/pick-your-word/ to find your word.

  1. Determine the kind of person you want to become.
  2. Identify the characteristics of that person.
  3. Pick a word.

For additional inspiration, here are some words that my coworkers and I considered or selected: joy, more, gratitude, progress, confidence, better, adaptability, hopeful, consistent, stable, silent, disciplined, grace, patience, balance, learn, intentional, love, self-control, purpose, flexibility, perseverance, and contentment.

Once you have selected your word, you will need a daily reminder of your word! At the presentation my company hosted earlier this year, we decorated ceramic tiles with our word to keep in our workspaces. You could also create a painting with your word and hang it somewhere you’ll see every day. Or find a picture online of your word (I love to search Pinterest to find word pictures) and set it as your computer’s desktop background.

After much consideration and reflection on the past year, I have chosen the word “Balance” for 2018. Between working a full-time job and going to college full time, too often I find myself struggling with managing my time. This next year, I will focus on finding a balance between the many roles and tasks I have in my life.

Have you selected One Word for 2018? Do you have creative ideas for a daily reminder of your One Word? Leave them in the comments below!

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