Author:  Blaine Dennis

So besides the title being an obvious paradox, April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. As a licensed driver or employer of licensed drivers you must realize that drivers are more distracted today than ever before. Technology and time, one we have an abundance of and the other never enough. I will not elaborate to far on this as you are probably reading this on your phone and checking emails on your computer, while the clock seems to move faster and faster. One thing to help combat the main contributor to distracted driving is a sound company policy on cell phone use while driving for company business.  Get your drivers distracted with watching the roads and not their electronics.

Why does your company need to have a cell phone policy in place? The best answer to this question is to protect the safety and well being of your employees. In 2015, distracted driving killed 3,477 people and injured countless others. These deaths and injuries were cause by a quick text, call with a coworker, checking an email or trying to pull up directions on their phone. New studies show that taking phone calls, even with a hands-free device, are contributing to many distracted driving accidents. So again why do we need a set company policy on cell phone usage while driving for business? To help save lives and avoid the conversation with an employees loved ones following an accident caused by distracted driving. There is no cost we can put on a human life and no sum of money that will bring that person back. If you have no cell phone policy in place and would like to have one I would be glad to send one over for non-customers in the month of April. This is one of the many policies we provide to our clients as part of doing business with us. Please email me at and I will get one sent over to you.

*Please note that this is not industry specific and should be used as a starting point to your custom cell phone policy for your company. This policy was wrote by legal professionals but use at your own risk.