We believe our primary goal is to be a progressive, profitable, dynamic, quality, growing, independent, insurance agency. We will make our organization a place where high quality people will want to come to work. We are committed to the development of the maximum potential of every Associate of this agency. This assures that our Clients are receiving the best possible service. This also means that our Associates are making the most of their talents. We believe that the individual differences are important and strengthen the agency. We also realize that we are part of a team and will work for and with each other. We believe that good relationships with our carriers are important. We will take the responsibility of producing a sufficient quantity of quality business. We will make every effort to determine and understand all the circumstances surrounding the Clients we serve, and then provide that service which, if we were in the same circumstances, we would give to ourselves. We believe that there is no substitute for personal integrity. Our Clients must trust us and we must trust each other.

Purmort Brothers Insurance We're more than a policy.