It’s time to celebrate!  As we look back on 2016, we are excited to have celebrated 140 years in business.  This. Is. Remarkable.  Take a quick journey with us…

Van Wert, Ohio and Courthouse 1876

Its 1876… no paved streets, no lighted streets, no electricity, no automobiles, no cell phones and no pizza!  Van Wert’s downtown had been established and the newly completed courthouse towered over the area.   Due to the building materials of the day still being primarily made of wood, the fires were disastrous.  There was little organized protection if a fire broke out, so the chance of controlling them was slim.  All people had to mention was the devastating Chicago fire of 1871, to realize there was a need for organized fire protection in the area.  So, in April of 1876, a group of 14 businessmen met and agreed to organize the formation of The Van Wert County Mutual Fire Insurance Company (present day Central Insurance Companies)

Minor LaDoyt Purmort


Later in the year, management decided to operate through Independent Insurance Agents and not company sales people.  At this time, Minor LaDoyt Purmort formed The Purmort Brothers Insurance Agency after his four sons.  This was the first appointment for the fire company.  Minor Purmort’s sons were: Frank W. Purmort, Clyde Allen Purmort, Sanford Purmort and Charles M. Purmort, Sr.  Frank, Clyde and Charles all had families who continued in the insurance business.  Charles’ family continued down the independent agency path with Purmort Brothers Insurance Agency.

Charles, Frank, Sanford and Clyde

Charles’ late son (C.M. Purmort Jr.), his grandson (Timothy L. Purmort) and his great granddaughters(Michele P. Mooney and Leah P. Treece) will continue his legacy.

It’s now 2017 and the 4th and 5th generation are still running the agency.  We have embraced the long history of the family business.  The founding principles and commitment to the community have been the foundation of our agency throughout its 140 years.  We continue to change and grow as needed to evolve with the insurance industry and the community in which we reside.  Simple daily workflows have changed from handwritten policy and claim forms to electronic versions.  How we reach out to our clients and future clients has evolved and grown as well.  We appreciate daily visits and keep our doors open Monday through Friday to accomodate. But we also realize how important it is to be available to those who need us after office hours through our website and emails.

We spent the first quarter of this year reflecting on the past years and looking towards the future.  It was the perfect time to enhance our logo:  we kept the navy blue and “Purmort Brothers” in its original font to respect our past; we updated the “B” to reflect a circle encompassing where we’ve been yet positioned to grow;  the change from light tan to bright green is a reflection of embracing change and of our bright future; the word “Insurance” is in the bright green color and a new font to show we are open to the future of our industry.  Lastly, we realized for over 140 years, we have been offering our customers and community so much more than an insurance policy.  And we want to continue offering more well into the future.  Therefore, our new tag line was established… “We’re more than a policy.”

We have built amazing loyal and trustworthy relationships over the years and we are forever grateful.  We are grounded and committed to growth and advancement.  We want to continue offering more and we are excited about what the future brings.  Insurance is not a commodity, we understand this and it’s our responsibility to make sure you understand as well.  Through our core values of Teamwork, Excellence, Relationships, Commitment and Protection we remain committed to being your trusted advisor and we will be there for you when you need us.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty.  It’s exciting to be where we are and sharing the story of Purmort Brothers Insurance… We’re more than a policy.

 Michele P. Mooney      Timothy L. Purmort       Leah P. Treece

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